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The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Metal Roof

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Metal Roof

It’s no secret that metal roofing has made a name for itself as one of the most durable, versatile, and eco-friendly material options. But how do you know if it’s the right fit for your home in particular? That’s a great question, and we intend to answer it in this brief overview of the pros and cons of having a metal roof.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

There are few better ways to delve into the benefits and drawbacks of a metal roof than explaining the myriad advantages these roofs offer homeowners. Because they’re metal, these roofs can last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for an exact timeframe, 50-70 years is the consensus for how long you can expect your metal roofing to outlast exposure to the elements. On top of that, they provide extra layers of insulation, so your home will always be at an ideal temperature. But the benefits don’t stop there. Metal roofing is also:

  • Environmentally friendly (made with recycled or recyclable materials)
  • Energy-efficient (insulates more effectively, which means less energy usage)
  • Stylish (they come in a vast array of colors, styles, and designs)

Thus, you get all the practical benefits like structural integrity and interior protection when you choose metal roofing. And as a bonus, you also get a stylish roof that lasts a lifetime and saves you a bit of money on your energy bill each month.

The Drawbacks of Metal Roofing

However, like anything else, for every wonderful thing that metal roofs provide, they also come with a few drawbacks. For instance, although they’re stylish and long-lasting, metal roofs can be pretty expensive. But we urge you not to let that price tag scare you off—it’s well worth what you’ll receive in return.

Of course, the pretty penny you have to spend to get one of these roofs is among the more prominent points on our cons list. The following are some of the common concerns about metal roofs:

  • They’re noisy (only slightly more so than traditional roofing)
  • They dent easily (this is where regular maintenance is key)

The drawbacks of metal roofing are pretty minor overall. Many of them are cosmetic or insignificant to what most homeowners do in their daily lives. Plus, mitigating noise, dents, and other damage is more manageable when regular maintenance is a part of your routine.

To illustrate, if you need to buff out some dents or clean your painted metal roof, you can easily do so by calling a professional service. Or, if you’re experienced and brave, you can climb up there and do it yourself. Either way, it’s hard to argue against the advantages of metal roofing, especially when smoothing out any potential drawbacks with regular upkeep is relatively simple.

How To Know if It’s Right for You

So how do you know if this type of roofing material is right for you? Considering the benefits and drawbacks of a metal roof outlined in this guide is a fantastic start. But truthfully, it all depends on your current situation. Perhaps you’re hemorrhaging money trying to repair your shingles or slate every few months.

Or maybe you’ve come across an unexpected windfall, and you’re looking to cut energy costs or help the planet. If so, metal roofing is an option worth considering. However, if you’re working with a restricted budget, don’t like the look of metal roofs, or don’t think it’s going to improve your property, then think twice before you invest in it.

What Is the Cheapest Roofing to Install?

Choosing a new roof or roofing material for your home is generally challenging. You need to consider a number of factors such as material (each has its own pros and cons), durability, sustainability, energy efficiency and above all, cost. Most homeowners on a budget seriously consider the cost of new roofing when shopping for one. If you are one of them, we’ve got you covered. Below are four of the cheapest roofing options we have compiled for you. Check them out and let our world-class representatives know which one you would like our roofing contractors to install for you.

#1 Cheapest Roofing: Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tile roofing dates back to the 1600s. It is still popular today in some parts of the country. Clay tiles are some of the cheapest roofing options yet very captivating. Clay roofs come in different colors, sizes and shapes. A clay roof is impervious to a number of destructive elements like sand, hail and mold’ thus withstand all types of bad weather. Compared to most of the roofing systems in the market, these roofing materials can last for so long. The cost of installing a clay roofing can be as low as $10 to $18 per sq. foot. However, factors such as the composition of the clay, slope, pitch, brand, and size of your roof affect its cost.

Clay Roofing#2. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing was previously dominated by expensive roofing options like copper and zinc, but with the emergence of galvanized steel, its cost tremendously reduced. Today, metal roofs are some of the cheapest roofing options you can find in the market. Besides, the low-cost metal roofing is versatile, comes in different colors, and is easy to install. Metal roofs can withstand heavy rains, storms, among many other destructive elements. They also have a good insulation capability in both warm and cool temperatures. Metal roofs are long lasting and can last up to 50 years. If you are considering a modern metal roof design, we can connect you to the most experienced roofing contractors near you.

Metal Roofing#3. Cheapest Roofing: Asphalt Shingles

Besides being one of the cheapest roofing materials, Asphalt shingles are also very popular across the country. They stand out as the cheapest roofing amongst all the roofs in the market. A one square foot shingle can retail for as low as $1. Asphalt shingles are classified into two main categories; organic and inorganic. Under each category, there are many options to choose from— for this reason, you need the guidance of experienced roofing contractors to help you choose the best fit for your unique roofing needs. Generally, organic shingles are more expensive when you compare them to their counterparts. Asphalt shingles can last for up to 30 years. If you are keen on an asphalt shingle roofing that can last longer and stand tough conditions, choose one with a higher rating.

cheapest roofing option#4. Cheapest Roofing: Wooden Shingles

Wooden shingles basically come in two types; shakes and standard shingles. Shake shingles are the best for roofing. Wood shingles mainly come from cedar and redwood because these materials are resistant to fire, insects and other elements that can affect a roof. The wood being a natural insulator, wood shingles are more energy-efficient compared to other cheapest roofing systems. Roofing materials made of wood are also more sustainable as they are 100% natural. Wood shingles can last up to 50 years if installed by expert roofing contractors. The price of wooden shingles can go as low as about $3 to $4.50 per square foot. Some factors that determine the cost of wood shingle include the size of shingles, the style, and the manufacturer.

Other Cheapest roofing options include

  • Concrete Tile Roof, and
  • Slate Tiles

Settling on the cheapest roofing is only the first step to having a new roof for your home. To enjoy a perfect roof that fits your needs, taste, and preference, you need roofing contractors who have the necessary experience and skill set for the job, and that’s where HelloProject comes in.

At HelloProject, we have a pool of roofing contractors that we have vetted and found fit to handle all your roofing projects. All our contractors are highly experienced, licensed and insured. We can help you evaluate the cheapest roofing and, above all, connect you to trusted roofing contractors who will install your roof at a very affordable cost. Call us today at 800.900.7875 or fill our online form and experience the difference!

Traditional Tiles Installation for Your Roof

Traditional Tiles Installation on Your Roof

Traditional tiles have been in use since 10,000 BC. Builders chose these roofs because they were more fire-resistant compared to the thatched roof. They were made from slate or fired clay. Today we still have traditional tiles only that they are now made from concrete.

Traditional tile roofing is great for coastal regions because of salt air and places that frequently experience hot weather. Besides, this roofing is attractive, functional, and very durable. If you want to achieve a primo heritage finish on your contemporary home, install traditional tiles with the help of HelloProject.

Tile RoofFactors to Consider Before You Install Traditional Tiles

Tile roofs are some of the longest-lasting roofing materials. Many ancient structures dating back to the 1st century still have their tile roofs intact. They come in different shapes, sizes, and even styles. However, most manufacturers do not sell them as a complete system. As such, you need to consider the following factors before you install them.

Roof Pitch

Home remodeling contractors install traditional tiles on a roof with a 4/12 pitch. It is a standard requirement. It is therefore important that a professional roofer comes and checks whether the existing roof deck has this minimum pitch. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to replace the entire deck before installing these tiles.


As mentioned earlier, clay is the primary material for tile roofs. The source and manufacturing technique affects the quality of the tiles. Some of the products available in markets are prone to frost, and it’s important that you choose tiles that are good for your local climate.


Modern roofing systems comprise an underlayment, a waterproof membrane fitted on the deck to prevent water damage in case it penetrates the main roof. You also need an underlayment before you install traditional tiles. Ensure your roofing contractor installs an appropriate one.

Poorly Constructed Tile Roofs

Poorly Constructed Tile Roofs

Why You Should Hire a Professional Traditional Tiles Roofer

Whether you plan to install traditional tiles on your new construction or re-roof your existing property, you need quality workmanship and materials. Here is why:

To Avoid Shoddy Installations

An asphalt shingles roofing expert may not be the best when it comes to installing traditional tiles. Now imagine what can happen if you trust an unqualified person with no experience, there will be all sorts of issues, such as:

  • Improper overlap
  • Doing the installation under inclement weather
  • Improper mortar application

When professionals install your traditional tiles, you can be sure they cannot make such rookie mistakes.

Building Load Estimation for Traditional Tiles

Roofing materials have varying weights. A structure designed for asphalt shingle roofing may not have the strength to handle heavier materials, such as clay or stone. A roofing contractor can calculate the structure’s load-bearing capacity upon which you want to install traditional tiles. Sometimes they [contractors] add enforcement on the roof to provide sufficient support.

Roof tiles are a unique type of roofing material. Installing them requires a different approach from the one you’d use on shingle roofing. Whether it is an installation project or repairs, hiring professionals results in desired outcomes.

Are you searching for trusted, experienced, and client-focused roofing contractors? Tell us about your project. We will link you with reputable professionals who can handle the project to your satisfaction.

Common Roof Problems Home Owners Are Likely to Encounter

Your roof is one of the most important structural components of your home. It plays several functions among them shielding you, your family and property from unfriendly weather conditions. It is important that you take care of any roof problems whenever you notice them because one thing you wouldn’t want is to incur costly roof replacement or repairs. After all, the costs involved are significant, not to mention the time and hassle of finding trusted roofing contractors.

Just like any other installations in the home, you need to understand common roof problems you are likely to encounter so that you can act on time. Below are the three most ones.

#1. Faulty Installation

One of the most common roof problems that homeowners encounter is pitfalls because of faulty installations. That is why it is always important to hire professional roof contractors. With experts working on your roof you don’t have to worry about faulty installations because they are trained, certified and above all experienced to provide you with the highest industry standard roofing services. Try and refrain from doing any roof repairs by yourself. Unprofessional procedures can lead to more significant issues and even put your safety at risk. Before you however start your search for the best roofing contractors, understand what to look for when inspecting the roof for installation issues. That way you will know when to seek for help.

#2. Common Roof Problems as a Result of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can happen at any time; the secret is dealing with them as soon as possible to save your house from further damages. Some red flags that indicate a roof leak include a stained ceiling, dampness, and dripping in the attic. The exterior may also have stained walls along the roofing line and the gutters. The ensuing roof maintenance will depend on the roofing material and construction.

Before calling roof contractors, first inspect the ceiling, skylights, and other locations on the home exterior that meet the roof. Many online articles will tell you how easy it is to fix roof leaks without expert help, but they fail to tell you that if anything should go awry during your DIY project, you might end up with much bigger and costlier roofing maintenance works. Wouldn’t it be better to involve the professionals and avoid the hassle of replacing an old roof on a budget?

#3. Common Roof Problems: Standing/Stagnant Water

Pooling water is among the roof problems that most property owners have to deal with. It’s an ongoing roof issue that commonly occurs in homes with permeable shingles that eventually deteriorate due to water damage. When you notice standing water on the roof, causes of this common roof problem are debris buildup, clogged gutters, and HVAC systems.

Remember, an old roof with water puddles is one of the warning signs that homebuyers look for when inspecting a home. Don’t let that stand between you and closing the deal when selling the house by allowing professional roof contractors to drain the pool.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Roofing Material

A significant number of homeowners will select a roofing material based on the aesthetic properties, but appearance is not the only thing to consider when purchasing roofing material. Here are some other things to consider:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Weather resistance
  • Material weight
  • Costs/Price range
  • Architectural authenticity
  • Roof slope

When faced with some common roof problems, it is crucial to partner with professional roof contractors to get the most effective, long-lasting results. At HelloProject, we are here to link you with roofing contractors who will solve your roof problems. Fill out our online form to set yourself on the path of finding reputable roofing experts.

What You Should Expect During a New Roof Installation Project

What You Should Expect During a New Roof Installation Project

Although new roof installation projects can be an exciting experience to homeowners, they are usually complicated, requiring expert knowledge and thorough preparations. Remember when roofers start removing your old roof, your home becomes a work zone, and a lot can happen as roof installation work continues. For this reason, you need to know what to expect so that you can know how to adequately prepare for the roof installation before the arrival of the roofers.

Partnering with professional roofing contractors alleviates any safety risks. But you’ll still be wondering what you should expect and how best you can be ready to ensure that the project unfolds as smoothly as possible.

The entire process of removing an old roof and installing a new one will require a number of professional roofers walking on your roof, ripping, tearing, drilling, nailing, and pounding the frames with their hammers. Dust, debris, noise, pieces of shingles, among other material are more likely to fall in the attic space and around the walls during the new roof replacement process.

A Day Before New Roof Installation Project

You need to take the following necessary steps a day or two before the roofers arrive;

  • Cover or, if possible, remove valuable items in the attic.
  • Cut grass and use tarps to cover plants around the walls of your house (this makes cleaning up the site faster and thorough).
  • Remove all valuables, decorations, and fixtures that are not permanently secured in the wall.
  • Move your vehicles to a safe distance and secure garage doors.
  • Ensure that children and pet will be at a safe distance away from the working zone.
  • Remove landscaping lights, garden pots, and other outdoor valuables

Even though roofs are long-lasting, roofing materials cannot last forever, and as a homeowner, you have to call professional roofers to replace your roofing material at one point in time. This is due to the fact that the structural integrity of the roof is very important—not to mention how roofs get the most beat from environmental elements. And by default, different roofs have a limited lifespan. Additionally, new roof installation projects allow homeowners to improve their home’s curb appeal and functionality. Without proper planning and research, you may be unprepared to deal with different situations that may occur as your hired roofing contractors work on the gable.

Don’t find yourself in a helpless corner when installing a new roof; here’s a guide to help you know what to expect during and after roofing installation.

Organize Yourself for New New Roof Installation

Before calling professional roofers to come and begin the actual roof replacement work. A homeowner needs to ensure that everything is in good order so that the work runs efficiently and seamlessly. Ensure that there are enough garbage containers placed close to the home as possible. You also need to line the ground below the roof with protective clothing to prevent damages from accidental drops.

Professional roofers will do all the work. This include setting up roof jacks with large boards to offer landing platforms for workers and falling shingles. They will also put safety harness and straps in place to prevent falling objects because of weak points on the roof.

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Removal of the Old Roofing

Old roof removal is one of the most important processes of a roof replacement project and requires qualified roofing contractors’ expertise. Depending on the type of roofing materials, roofing contractors either use a shingle fork or a pry bar. Regardless, there are risks involved at this stage. As such, you need to take caution to ensure everything and everyone involved is protected. As such, you should:

Protect Your Belongings Inside and Outside

One thing you need to have at the back of your brain is that roofing works may result in falls and breakages of items. Installing a new roof may even cause vibrations to other parts of the building. That said, it would be best if you take care of any fragile and valuable items. For instance, you can move valuables that are in the house to a safe place. Moreover, you need to relocate any other property outside the home, such as cars, boats, exterior furniture, etc.

Expect Noise

Like any other construction work, brand new roof installation projects also produce disturbing noise. Based on the nature of the job, the loudness of the noise may vary. If you or your loved ones are sensitive to loud noises. It will be advisable to stay away from home when the roofing contractors are working on the installation project.

Ensure the Kids and Pets Are Safe

Ensure that the kids and your furry Fido(s) are not near the house during the new roof installation project.

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Prepare for Material Delivery

Many of your roofing supplies will be transported to your property by trucks. Large dumpsters are also required to haul debris and old roof shingles to a safe disposal site. That creates high traffic on your driveway. As such, make sure you explicitly explain your wants and expectations to your prospective roofing contractors. You know your home better, and your instruction is key in ensuring safe deliveries and unloading. You may also have to clear your driveway and remove your vehicles as the roofers will need quick access to the immediate perimeter of your home throughout the roof replacement project.

Unforeseen Damages  Before New Roof Installation Project

Sometimes your roofing contractors can commence the new roof installation project only to discover that there are damages in other parts of the house other than the roof. Beside insufficient flashing, rotting wood, and leaking chimneys or vents, the walls may be damaged from leaking water.

Such discoveries extend the scope of work and the roof replacement project timeline. At this point, your roofing contractor should inform you of the damages as soon as they notice them. From there, you can discuss with them the best approach to remedy the damages.

Are you looking for professional and experienced roofing contractors for your next home improvement project? Call helloprojectusa at 1.800.900.7875 or fill out an online form to learn more about our roofing solutions and experience the difference!

Installing a New Roof | 4 Warning Signs

Whereas most home renovations and upgrades are purely elective, roof replacement is essential. A installing a new roof cannot be taken lightly or delayed. Should a roof fail, water and other elements are more likely going to destroy the inside of your home. Your home’s attic insulation will be the first part to be affected by an old and poorly maintained roof. The remodeled living room, kitchen, bathrooms, right on through to the basement, nothing will be spared from the wrath of water leaking from a failed roof. In other words, there is no other home maintenance fails that can be more disastrous than a failed roof.

A new roof is your home’s best friend. Without it, your house is never complete. However, most homeowners often overlook the importance of good quality and well-maintained roofing system. A roof goes a long way in offering protection from the scorching sun, and warmth during the icy chilly winter. Other than that, a great roof improves your house’s curb appeal and brings out its shape and design in a more distinct and magnificent manner.

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Does Installing a New Roof Attracts a High ROI?

First impressions count, and there is no better way to grab homebuyers’ attention than replacing a roof. Besides being the most noticeable feature, a roof exponentially improves the structural integrity of an old home. This is one aspect that a potential home buyer will highly appreciate. Though roof replacement might seem to be a pricey investment, it might be worth every penny. Try considering the safety hazards and the negative impact an old and poorly maintained roof might have to you and your family. Other than the potential dangers a worn out roof may possess,  dent it could have on your sale in terms of selling price and selling price.

If you consider a house remodeling project aiming to quote a higher asking price, you may want to consider roof replacement as a starting point. An excellent roof enhances your home value, which works magic in enticing potential buyers. While it might seem easier to make minor repairs, installing a new roof is often practical and financially (a high return on investment) conscious move. With the best roof replacement contractors, replacing your roof with high-quality roofing materials provides a long-lasting solution to all your roof concerns for years to come.

More Reasons Why You Need a New Roof

Your Roof is Leaking | It’s Time for A Roof Replacement

When a roof leaks, it’s a red flag that its functionality and safety are not in line. The initial small leaks worsen with time. They later develop into major leaking disasters that may cause great housing inconvenience to you and your family. As such, you should stay in the look-out for any signs of water damage in the house. It would be best if you considered installing a new when you notice any water stains and rusts on your ceiling or attic.

When Old is Not Gold

How old is your roof? When a roof is way past its prime, it deteriorates in functionality and appeal. Old roofs appear tired and neglected and mostly have peeling paint. Other than that, you might notice some missing shingles, dark-spotted areas, curling, and damaged or clogged gutters. These signs should prompt you to contact a roof replacement contractor to avoid significant house damages and extended costly repairs. When your roof has served its purpose for close to twenty years, keep a close eye for the warning signs. If in doubt of when to install a new one, call a professional roofer for an inspection.

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Your Roof is Sagging

Another red light that your roof condition is going south is when it gets saggy and droopy. It mostly signifies a roof too weak to hold the weight of water, ice, or additional roof layers. Moreover, poorly installed roofing is prone to develop structural roof damage and failure; thus, roof collapsing. Installing a roof is one of the best ways to curb impending damages likely to be caused by roof sagging.

Install a New Roof to Improve Energy Efficiency

When moisture becomes a nuisance, your roof is most likely to develop insulation problems. Consequently, heat regulation becomes inefficient, especially during the cold winter and hot summer seasons. A damaged leaking roof also messes up air circulation in and out of the house. These disruptions lead to over-reliance on the HVAC, and as a result, a great hike on the monthly energy bills. Improving energy efficiency is one of the significant reasons as to why most homeowners carry out house remodeling projects. For this reason, installing a new roof will help you save a few bucks on the monthly bill.

Roof damages worsen with time. As such, ignoring the subtle roof damage warning signs leads to extensive damages to your house, attracting absurdly high repair costs. To avoid this, contact a reputable roof replacement contractor on the very first sign of deterioration for timely new roof installation.

What to Consider When Replacing or Choosing a New Roof


Roofing is a critical investment, whether you want to replace it or choose a new one. It requires time and money to undertake the project to completion. Therefore, it would be best if you planned every detail before engaging someone for the roof replacement job.

You would want to factor in every detail to ensure that the job is done right. Given the essential role that a roof holds for your home, quality work is vital. While you can do the work or hire professional home renovation contractors, certain factors come into play. These include:

Your Most Suitable and Comfortable Budget

Your budget would significantly come into play when replacing or installing a roof. For this reason, consider the cheapest materials without compromising quality. You can start by checking online to compare the prices of different materials and installation services.

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Choosing the Most Suitable Material for Your New Roof

The roofing materials are one of the most critical details of any installation or replacement. It is essential to consider the solution that suits your budget. The ideal one should also meet various needs such as durable roofing materials, and appealing appearance, to mention a few.

A few options include asphalt, concrete, or metal shingle roofing solutions. Unlike asphalt, concrete and metal tend to have more durability. They would more likely fit your needs if you are looking for a suitable long-term investment. You should also consider the performance and pros and cons of different materials before settling for one.

 Work with Professional Roofing Contractors

While installing or replacing your roof is an option, it wouldn’t hurt to get expert help. A professional would handle your project with the least hassle. Regardless, do your homework adequately to find one of the best home remodeling contractors. Compare price quotes for each and their capacity to install what you want.

Roofing companies understand that roof jobs only require touchups after a long time. Therefore, customer satisfaction is the key to avoid repeat business. You can always find the ideal one to by looking at client reviews and referrals from satisfied customers.

Consider Your Home Design When Planning to Replace Your Roof

The architecture of your home is essential. Undoubtedly, the style would determine the best roofing system to consider. You may decide to embrace asphalt shingles or spend extra on more on quality and integral solutions. Either way, the system should complement the design of your home, at large.

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Focus on Quality Roof Replacement from Professional Roofers

Quality and professional assistance pretty much wraps up the above aspects of roof replacement. While a cheap solution may seem excellent and less overwhelming, consider the long-term consequences: Would you want to redo your roof after a short time? A solution that would give you long-lasting results is worth investing on.

The Final Word

The idea of installing a new roof or replacing an existing one can be overwhelming. In essence, there’s much to consider-from the time you think about it to the completion the project. There is no set formula to follow, but one can never go wrong with the right guidelines from professional home remodeling contractors. Besides personal preferences, finding the right roofers, or preparation for the job are key. Cost and quality are also significant factors to consider.

Put merely, the above insight would help you to get the most out of your home remodels investment. Moreover, home renovation contractors would broaden your mind to determine the solutions that would best suit your needs

Roof Replacement— How to Know Now is the Time

Roof Replacement— How to Know Now is the Time

Roof replacement for safe home. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association homeowners or landlord should ensure their roofs are inspected at least twice every year. Knowing the point at which you need a roof replacement is the first step towards preserving a safe, comfortable, and protected home.

A solid roof above your head is the ultimate barrier between your family and the elements. To enjoy a warm, cozy, and leak-free home, top maintenance priorities should be your roof. Here are a few warning signs that your home is due for roof replacement.

5 Warning Signs It’s Time for Roof Replacement

1. Visible Signs of Aging on Your Roof (Your Roof’s 25th Birthday is Approaching)

Just like anything else, roofs have their typical lifespan. When nearing the end of their service life, they just look old and worn. For example, shingle roofs are built to last between 20 to 30 years. If you still have a 35 years’ roof, start thinking about putting a new one sooner than later.

2. It’s Time for a Roof Replacement When it Starts Leaking

The most obvious warning sign that it’s time to call a roofing contractor for a roof replacement, is leaks. When you spot discoloration on your ceiling or any other sign of moisture, don’t wait too long before replacing your roof. Likewise, if you can spot light rays or see inside your attic without switching on the light, it’s definitely roof replacement time. Any delay in fixing a leaky roof can compromise the structural integrity of home making it a safety hazard.

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3. The Neighbors Are Getting New Roofs

Homes built in your neighborhood are experiencing the similar wear and tear from the same type of weather conditions. If all the homes were built around the same time as yours and your neighbors are replacing their roofs, it’s time for you to do the same.

4. Missing Shingles

If you notice a few missing shingles, you may choose to replace them. However, if your roof is old, matching the color with the existing shingles might be a challenge. That said, if you have an uncomfortable number of missing shingles, you might need to call a roofing contractor to replace the entire roof.

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5. Dark Streaks from Algae Damage

Pay close attention to your roof, dark stains may be an indication of the presence of algae. This can, however, be washed away with 50 percent diluted bleach sprayed on the roof. You may also spot moss growing on your shingles. If the problem is extensive enough to warrant a roof replacement, call a professional roofing contractor.

6. There is Staining, Peeling, or Bubbling Paint

During the rainy season, leaky roofs tend to cause deterioration of exterior paints, especially along the roofline. When the rain water seep into the walls, it stains the inside paint too. If this is happening to your home, it means your roof is damaged and you need hire a professional roof contractor to fix the problem or replace the whole roof.

Other warning signs include:

  • Loose Granules
  • Cracked Shingles.
  • Peeling And Curling Shingles
  • You’re Finding Granules In The Gutter
  • Flashing Damages

Why Work with The Best Professional Roofing Contractors for Quality Roof Replacement Services!

Since a roof is your home’s last line of defense from elements, hiring a professional home remodeling contractor to ensure that regular roof inspections and maintenance are done right is very important. If the roofing contractor says it’s time for roof replacement, don’t neglect or delay adding a new roof to your home. Leaks and damages are health and safety hazards—and can cost you more when neglected than putting on a new roof at the right it’s time.

At HelloProject, our roofing contractors will help you catch the problem in time and safely replace your roof in the shortest time possible to prevent further damage. Contact us today at 800.900.7875 to enjoy world-class customer experience and top-of-the-line roof replacement services.