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If you want to give your bathroom a style upgrade, you might want to consider installing a glass shower. But this remodeling option can make a difference that goes beyond mere aesthetic appeal.

Read on for a look at 3 reasons why such an exquisite bathroom enclosure might be just the project for you to take on sooner rather than later.

Glass Showers1. Glass Showers Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

If you believe your bathroom is too small but don’t want to shoulder the cost of knocking down walls and expanding its square footage, there are some options at your disposal. A glass shower will make your bathroom appear to be more spacious than it really is. This will help you to feel less claustrophobic. When you compare the cost of a glass wall with the cost of physically making your bathroom bigger, you’ll see that the former is the more cost-effective option. it’s also an option that would take nearly as long as physically increasing the size of your bathroom.

2. Minimal Maintenance

You’ll find that the maintenance requirements for a glass shower are minimal. Consider that these showers are resistant to mildew and mold contamination. And you can request a special coating on the glass that will help to keep soap scum and water spots at bay. If you have shower curtains, you know that they are magnets for dirt, mold, and mildew. They can become eyesores if not cleaned regularly, but chances are that you have better things to do than to be scrubbing away at curtains all the time. You can reduce your workload maintenance-wise by upgrading to a glass shower.

Glass Showers3. Safety

Another reason why you should consider a glass shower remodeling project is that a glass shower is potentially safer than a curtained shower. For one thing, a glass shower will contain the water in a way that shower curtains often will not. This means that the threat of slip-and-fall accidents, which can be particularly damaging for seniors and to young kids, will be dramatically reduced in the bathroom. As well, the glass made to manufacture these showers is extremely strong and durable. So it will help to ensure that those who use it don’t fall out of the shower should they slip and fall. The same can’t be said if the same accident happens in a shower that has a curtain.

Glass ShowersDon’t Delay – Get Your Glass Shower Remodel Started Today!

Are you sold on the importance of a glass enclosure? You’ll need to find a local contractor with the experience and expertise to take on your bathroom remodel. HelloProject is here to assist you in finding the right contractor to install your glass shower. Use our online platform to find a skilled and reputable contractor. There’s no need to delay your project. Get started right away.