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Too many people make the mistake of waiting to do outdoor renovations in the summer. Who wants to tear up garden beds and siding in the heat of summer? That’s when you should be relaxing! Instead of waiting, you should do your summer renovations in the spring when the weather is nice, and you won’t feel rushed.  Check out these five outdoor renovations to get ready for summer.

Add Edging Stones to Your Landscaping

There’s a growing trend of contractors not using edging stones in new homes’ landscaping. If you buy one of these homes, you’ll quickly find that the grass will encroach on your flowerbeds. We recommend starting from scratch and adding edging stones around all your landscaping to prevent grass and weeds from spreading.

Install a Fiberglass Flagpole

Thinking of installing a flagpole for your Independence Day celebration? Don’t wait for the heat of the summer to get this project done. We also recommend using fiberglass flagpoles over aluminum in residential locations. What’s the difference between fiberglass and aluminum poles? Fiberglass is much lighter and easier to maintain. Plus, it doesn’t conduct lightning.

Restain Your Porch Railing

Is the color of your wooden porch railing starting to fade? If so, it might be time to restain the whole thing. Staining enhances the natural beauty of the wood on your porch, but it also serves practical purposes. It deters pests and helps keep water from settling in the wood and causing rot.

Revamp Your Patio

Spring is the perfect season to work on removing tough stains from your concrete patio. But there’s no reason to stop there. You should also consider protecting your concrete from the elements with a concrete coating for your patio.  A coating like Polyaspartic is easy to maintain. These coatings are more robust, longer-lasting, and highly resistant to chemicals. Polyaspartic is much more resistant to UV rays and can withstand moisture better than traditional epoxy.  Add a touch of personality to your concrete patio by creating a border.  This can be created by making the edges a different color than the center, which can be visually appealing and aesthetically add contrast.

Install More Outdoor Lighting

Summer gatherings can go late into the evening, even past sunset. When the weather is nice, losing yourself in the fun of being with friends is easy. However, it’s not so simple when there’s no way to see who’s with you. Keep the fun past dark by installing more light sources outside your home. Lighting along pathways can add just the right touch to your summer gatherings or evening dinners.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these five outdoor renovations to prepare for summer. Doing your outdoor renovations now will ensure you get maximum time to relax during the summer.