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Remodeling is a great time to consider the appliances you actually use in your kitchen. You may have discovered that you never use the panini press you got at your housewarming party and decide to get rid of it. Or you may have become a baking fiend and decide you want double ovens. An appliance that you may not already have but should consider adding during a kitchen remodel is a range hood. Keep reading to learn the beneficial reasons you should have a range hood in your kitchen.

Improved Safety

Perhaps the biggest reason to have a range hood is the improved safety. Instead of smoke and steam filling your kitchen as you cook, your range hood will whisk all the fumes away, allowing you to see and breathe easier. This will keep you and everyone else in the kitchen safer and healthier. If you cook with a gas stove, a range hood will be extra beneficial since it can help clean carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases out of the air.

Better Surface Protection

A range hood won’t just whisk smells away; it’ll help get rid of grease and other cooking residues that would normally dirty up your kitchen surfaces. You may not think that’s much of a benefit since you clean up after you cook anyway, but absorbing grease is about more than normal cleaning. If the grease gets onto the sides of your cabinets, then it can soak into the wood. Scrubbing wood is a time-consuming and damaging process if you do it wrong. So if you invest in a range hood at the start, then the grease will get pulled into the appliance instead of your cabinets.

Pleasing Aesthetics

While safety for people and protection for your kitchen surfaces are the most important benefits of having a range hood, you probably have a certain aesthetic in mind for a remodel. A range hood can complement that, too. There are many different types of range hoods, each with a different look. Therefore, you can find one that fits well in your space. You can choose a wall-mounted range hood as a statement piece, hide an under-cabinet range hood for a lower profile, or choose another option that works best with your kitchen aesthetics and layout.

Improved safety, better surface protection, and pleasing aesthetics are three reasons you should have a range hood in your kitchen. You may want to see and breathe easier, avoid deep cleaning your cabinets, and have a unique statement piece in your cooking area. If so, you should get a range hood. It’s an excellent appliance for you to add during a remodel.