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The great thing about metal roofs is that they are relatively low maintenance. However, like all roofs, they need occasional cleaning to keep them in the best possible condition. Here are the essential things to know about cleaning your metal roof.

What Products To Use

First, you’ll need to know what products to use when cleaning your home’s metal roof. The products and supplies you use make a huge difference because the wrong products can cause damage to the roofing material. Avoid power washers, wool scrubbers, and invasive cleaning solutions. Instead, use mild detergents like dish soap, car washing soap, and a sponge or microfiber cloth. Learning the right cleaning products is one of the best tips for maintaining your home’s exterior.

How Often To Clean It

Knowing how often you should clean your metal roof is also beneficial. Thankfully, metal roofing isn’t high maintenance, so annual cleanings are likely unnecessary. This low maintenance is one of the reasons why metal roofs are the superior choice. Instead, you’ll only need to perform deep cleanings every two to three years. You can always clean more often if you notice dirt or debris collecting on your roof, but every two to three years is the best practice to follow.

Choosing the Right Day

Choosing the right day is the next metal roof cleaning tip. Weather plays a big role in roof cleaning. You want to ensure you choose a day with appropriate weather conditions to effectively complete the job. Always avoid cleaning on rainy or stormy days, as this poses a major safety risk. Dry, overcast days are ideal, so you don’t have to deal with rain or too much sun reflection.

Following Safety Precautions

You’ll also need to follow proper safety precautions when cleaning your roof. Safety is a top priority at all times. Never get on a roof alone, as this is very dangerous. You should always have at least one or more people present throughout the duration of the cleaning process to ensure your safety. Be sure to use a safe ladder and wear the appropriate clothing and shoes to do the job. If you are uneasy about performing the cleaning yourself, you can always hire a professional service.

As you prepare for your roof cleaning, be sure to follow these helpful tips for cleaning your metal roof. Ensure you have the necessary tools, supplies, and products, and always follow proper safety practices.