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Upgrade Your Windowless Bathroom

Unlike other rooms in the house, bathrooms are in most cases the tiniest. They also offer the most private space. During the day, we often depend on windows to light up all the rooms but use artificial lighting for the bathrooms. But, did you know that you can still add windows to your bathroom and have it look like the rest of the rooms?

Adding bathroom window(s) will not only impact your bathroom’s appeal but also bringing out the element of rest and relaxation. It is the best way to cast a natural and soothing glow on attractive bathroom features such as the artwork. Adding a bathroom(s) window lets in fresh air which prevents the growth of molds and mildew, reduces condensation for increased comfort and helps minimize the growth of bacteria that can lead to infections such as strep throat.


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More Benefits of Adding Bathroom Windows

Shower in Natural Light

Imagine being in a bathroom, your thoughts lost to a beautiful captivating scenery outside and deep into the beautiful blue sky. Getting lost in nature is one of the best therapies to a crowded and exhausted mind. Additionally, a room flooded with natural light feels warmer, bigger, complements a neutral decor, and brings out the best of the other color schemes.


Adding a Bathroom Window to Project Clarity and Add Positive Effect

With enough light penetrating through the windows, the room’s exact design is made clear. For larger window structures, a sheer reflects light and additionally renders privacy whenever necessary. In combination with good bathroom color gradient, windows create an entirely new look and feel. With the help of reliable home remodeling contractors, a room can turn from dull to designer especially when the wall and tile reflect the light in the room to give as much detail as possible. It does not have to be sophisticated, just efficient.

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Installing a Bathroom Window for Natural Ventilation

A window, especially when combined with a vent fan draws, out moisture and odors from the bathroom. This improves air quality, and leaves the room surfaces infection free. Ventilation systems cool the air on a hot day and control humidity therefore inhibiting the growth of molds, mildew and unwanted bacteria. A lot of energy is also saved as the natural light gets in all day long. Top-notch hygiene is fundamental to a safe, efficient and comfortable bathroom.

Not many bathrooms have windows. In fact, when buying a house, you may fail to notice whether your soon to be bathrooms have a window or not because that may not be on your checklist anyway. After moving in, however, you will realize how inconveniencing it is to have a windowless bathroom. It is important to add bathroom window(s)—no matter the size. Do not underestimate the amount of time you spend there.


My friend told me of a tree in her backyard that was visible from her bathroom window. When the tree was cut down one day, she was shocked at how relevant that tree had become to her. The role it played in calming her mind and letting her escape reality for the many times she used the bathroom was unbelievable. Incredible, isn’t it? Light up your bathroom by contacting home renovation contractors, for guidance and assistance on bathroom windows and remodeling ideas that will give your bathroom a brand new look.