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How To Tell When You Need To Replace Your Windows

How To Tell When You Need To Replace Your Windows

The lifespan of windows can depend on the type of glass and brand, but in general, windows last between 15 to 20 years. However, incidents and weather can cause damage, forcing you to replace your windows much sooner. Learn how to tell when you need new windows by familiarizing yourself with the different warning signs.

Faulty Window Mechanisms

Take a walk through your house and test each of your windows to see how easily they open and close. The window should not catch or stick on anything and should slide up or out easily. If you notice that the frame is no longer allowing the window to function correctly, this is a sign you need new replacements. If you can, replace the windows during a season or month that fits your schedule and is convenient for you so the process is less of a hassle.

Decay and Damage

Wooden window frames are the most susceptible to decay and damage because the weather can affect the integrity of the wood. While other windows are more robust when resisting mold and mildew, over time, it will become inevitable, especially when there is a lot of moisture and water involved. Decay and damaged windows threaten your home’s interior, so replace these as quickly as possible.

Excessive Cold Drafts

Are you constantly feeling a cold draft when you walk past your windows or sit near them? This is a sure sign that your windows need replacing. Installing new ones should take care of the issue of cold drafts coming inside. Just make sure to choose the right replacement windows!

Heavy Condensation

While condensation on the inside or outside is not necessarily bad for the window, condensation between the two panes of glass is a sure sign you need new windows. If you notice moisture building up inside the two panes, the seal is broken, and outside elements are making their way in. When this happens, your home’s AC, heat, and ventilation will be affected, so replace these windows when you have a chance, or it could cost you more money in energy bills.

Typically, you will not need to replace your windows often, but if you recently bought an older home, take a look around the frame and glass to ensure the windows are still in working condition. If you notice any of these signs, call a contractor to replace them as quickly as possible.

How to Clean and Maintain Wooden Window Frames

How to Clean and Maintain Wooden Window Frames

Wooden windows are a timeless addition to any home, but they can be challenging to maintain. If they don’t get preserved, they can rot and make the home look undesirable. Here’s a guide on how to clean and maintain wooden window frames.

Remove Any Dust

Dust shouldn’t clog your window frames. It’ll make your home look old, grimy, and even abandoned. This is far from a graceful look, and some dishonest people might even trespass onto your property because they believe it’s deserted. This is definitely a sign you need to clean your windows. Remove loose dirt and dust by wiping your windows with a damp rag. Take your time and clean the window panes thoroughly to improve their appearance—and, as a result, improve the rest of your home. Clean windows can make a world of difference.

Check for Damage

This step should be completed while you’re dusting the windows. Check for cracks, peeling, or signs of mildew growth. If you leave these problems unaddressed for a long time, your windows will rot and fall apart. If your windows have been ruined by mold damage or cracks, get them repaired or replaced.

Wash Your Frames

You can get special equipment to wash wooden windows, but they’re expensive—we’re more interested in the DIY route. When washing, ring out your cloth often and replace the water once it gets too dirty. After thoroughly washing the windows, wipe them down with a clean, damp cloth to remove the residue left behind by the soap. Finally, wipe one more time with a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture.

Clean the Glass

Cleaning the glass is simple. Fill a spray bottle with a water-and-vinegar cleaning solution. As you spray the glass, wipe the areas with a microfiber washcloth. After you’ve cleaned and dried the window panes, polish them with a dry cloth to get rid of streaks.

Treat the Wood

After washing everything, treat the wood. First, inspect the wood and see if any areas need refinishing. If they do, sand them down using fine-grit sandpaper. Then, follow that up by filling in the cracks and the other spots with wood filling. Smooth those areas with a putty knife (remember to be careful when holding the knife.)

Additionally, when you apply a finish, be mindful of the type of finish you use. The wrong one can cause moisture buildup and won’t protect the wood from warping in the sun. You only need to apply one thin coat.

After reading how to clean and maintain wooden window frames, make a note to do it more often (especially if you’re considering redoing your master bedroom.) That way, your home looks more presentable, and you even increase its value a little.

Window Repair

Functional and clean windows enhance your home’s structural integrity and visual appeal. Windows are like small gateways to the external world that allows light, warmth, air and beauty to pass through and radiate the entire interior space. Besides, they make us feel less restricted cramped, even in a small room. As such, damages to your windows calls immediate attention. That’s where HelloProjectusa comes in. To ensure your dream project is done right first time, we will match you with highly experienced window repair expert near you.

Are dealing with cracked or sticking windows? Or, are your windows having chips on the exterior side?  Well, at HelloProjectusa, we understand that damaged windows are not just an inconvenience but also interfere with your home’s energy efficiency. As such, we strive to connect you with professional window replacement and repair experts to get your problem fixed promptly and accurately. We only partner with trained and experienced contractors who can handle all types of window screen repairs including:

Broken/Cracked Glass

A broken window glass is a safety hazard. It also ruins your home’s energy efficiency. If you have shattered glass or broken sash, our window replacement and repair home remodelers have the equipment to handle the repairs.

Double-Pane Window Repairs

New double-pane windows have an air-tight space between the two panes. If you see moisture droplets between the panes, it is a sign of a broken window seal. That reduces your home’s home-efficiency and visibility. Trust us to link you with the best window replacement and repair experts near you to fix the seals by replacing the insulating glass units. Sometimes it may be a simple caulking procedure; require detailed work.

windows repairSticking Windows? Let Us Link You with Window Repair Experts

Awning and casement windows come with moving parts to allow users to open and close them. Sometimes the locks might develop a problem, causing them to get stuck. Even so, worry not. Trust us to find and connect you professional technicians who can fix your faulty locks, levers, or hinges.

Window Frame Repairs

As the years go by, the window frames are more subject to damage mainly due to continuous exposure to destructive environmental elements. Consequently, the frames can also rot, break, or even crack. Fortunately, this is nothing that professional window repair experts cannot handle.—Including adding a modern window.

Window Screen Repairs

Sometimes, a damaged window might mean a damaged screen. If you’re facing this problem, we will help you find home remodelers who can handle it. A damaged screen can ruin your windows’ aesthetic appeal. Accordingly, having them repaired refreshes their look and functionality.

Large windowEmergency Window Repair Services

Your window pane might break at a very inconvenient time, say at night. That puts your safety and security on the line and may cause you to worry in the short term. Thus, it is crucial that you find window replacement and repair services to restore you windows and therefore, your security. Trust us to find you professional contractors who will to handle your repair needs regardless of the time. Besides, these experts have all types of replacement window panes and all equipment at hand for quick and reliable services.

repairWhy We Are Your Ideal Choice

HelloProjectusa is your one-stop platform when searching for window solutions. That said, when you hire us, you work with professionals who only partner with the leading professionals in the industry. We will match you with an expert who can repair all types of windows  regardless styles, shapes and sizes and guarantee unmatched solutions. Besides, they use high-quality repair materials and technologically-updated tools to ensure they restore your windows functionality. Whether you have floor-to-ceiling, sliding, or awning windows, you can count on us for trained window repair experts for satisfactory services.

windowIn very rare cases, it might be impossible even for the professionals to repair the broken glass, for example during heavy downpour late at night. In such cases, our experts will not leave you and your loved ones vulnerable with a broken window. They’ll board up the window and schedule the next visit to complete the job with a full window repair kit.

Whether it’s a broken window frame or a cracked pane, let HelloProjectusa make your search for qualified window replacement and repair technicians hassle free. Contact us via 800.900.7875 or fill our online form today and tell us about window replacement and repair your needs. We will give you a free quote and point you to the experts.

Window Replacement: 1 Window

A shuttered or broken window can ruin your home’s visual appeal. Besides, it poses serious safety risks to your family. Most homeowners ignore replacing a single window. They think that it doesn’t have any serious effects on their home’s functionality compared to two or more broken windows. However, it is always important to call window replacement professionals before things get to their worse. The costs involved are relatively lower. What’s more, replacing your window ensures improved energy efficiency in your home. replacement window


If your home’s window broke due to a poorly installed or faulty frame doing a replacement is the only solution. HelloProjectusa helps homeowners find qualified contractors for your window repair and replacement needs. We have warm business relationships with home remodeling contractors who’ve been in the industry for years. We’ve worked with most of the contractors in our pool. As a result, we can attest that they are great for any type of window. They are skilled  in all types of replacement windows from skylight windows to insulated windows. You can always trust our contractors for quality solutions at very affordable costs.

Why Partner with HelloProjectusa for Window Replacement Solutions?

HelloProjectusa promises to match you with window installer near you who deliver high-quality and client-focused services. We only recommend companies that offer people-first replacement window solutions. When you trust us with that job, we will alleviate any doubts you have about the person you choose to work on your broken window. window replacementWe are passionate about home remodeling. That makes us very particular about the contractors we choose for your replacement window. We also provide same-day services to ensure you continue to enjoy the comfort of your home. Our professionals work efficiently to restore your windows as soon as possible, lest you want your home to be symbolic of the broken windows theory. When you plan a replacement window project, you need to understand what to expect so you are not caught by surprise when the work begins. Below are some of things you need to know:

Arrival at Your Home

A window replacement technician will come to your property and secure the working area, ensuring that it is free from glass pieces. They’ll also evaluate the damage and take the measurements of the broken window. If the technician can’t complete the job on the same day, they will cover the window and plan a return/next-day visit to replace it.

window replacementInstallation Process

A professional window repair and replacement contractor will come fully-equipped. They’ll have the replacement window and other tools required to complete the job. The job won’t stop because something is missing. Our contractors will carry on with the work as you shop for any extra material that may be needed for the project. All our contractors have a liability insurance to guarantee quality workmanship. Therefore, you need not worry about anything.

Window Replacement Cost

One thing that worries most home owners is the amount of money they need to part with for a replacement window. We will give you a free quote for your project to help you budget well. You can always ask us any questions including a breakdown of the estimated costs. Finding a qualified local replacement window contractor near you is not an easy task. Many contractors don’t provide the superior solutions they claim to offer. Contact us today and tell us your needs. We will help you get the best contractor for your project type.

Home Window Repair Services

The Importance of Windows in Your Home

1. Windows Complement the Architectural Design of Every Room

Your home is your haven, and nothing makes it more heavenly than windows that perfectly complement each room. In many homes, window designs and styles are in such a way that they match the interior’s best features. This is one of the reasons builders construct each room with unique windows. For instance, you’ll find a home with awning windows in the bathrooms, bow or bay windows in the bedrooms, and garden windows in the living room. Thus, you need professional home remodelers to carry out home window repair to an old or broken window—to restore the usefulness of the windows and home appeal. Consequently, with quick, professional help, every room can enjoy the benefits of well-designed and placed windows.

2. The Window Offers Home Owners a Way for Capturing and Enjoying the Outside View

The status of your home and its surroundings affects your cognitive, social, and physical life. Thus, a window that delivers a great view is an essential feature to any homeowner. Imagine a beautiful home in a serene environment but with no windows. Enjoying picturesque views outside your home through your curtains and the beauty of natural light in your interior space will be lost—and probably replaced by artificial lighting. Windows are not simple openings on the wall. They are design features that help homeowners capture the beauty of their yard, localities, and neighborhood and bring them into their interior space. To take advantage of this, professional home designers and home window repair experts always ensure that windows are in strategic places to help capture and enhance the outside view.

3. Windows Enhance the Visual Appeal

They say charity begins at home, and so do creating great memories with your loved ones. A home with nice windows is a great place to start. Equally important, you want to live and host visitors in a home that’s a reflection of your personality. For instance, if you are a welcoming person, your home should always be warm, well maintained, and full of natural light. That’s where well-placed and designed windows come in.

To begin with, they raise or raze the aesthetic appeal or outside attraction of your home. Secondly, they breathe fresh and new life into your home. For this reason, home window repair is an essential part of home maintenance.

4. They Stimulate Happiness and Positivity

Since human eyes are instinctively drawn to the windows of a well-designed home, home window repair and upgrade makes a lot of sense when you’re undertaking a significant renovation. This is because when windows are beautiful, big enough, and well maintained to allow lots of natural light in the interior space, they get rid of any feelings of depression. This is because natural light has serotonin, which is a natural mood enhancer and antidepressant.

Windows Stimulate Happiness and Positivity

Windows Stimulate Happiness and Positivity

As seen, windows in your home might seem like any other house component or just an opening in your wall. However, they are essential elements of a home with a plethora of benefits. For starters, windows let in sufficient sunlight that brings life to an interior space. They also come in different designs that create a considerable difference in a room. Additionally, most of us connect with nature by staring outside windows at natural phenomena such as beautiful plants, breathtaking sceneries, the falling rain, or animals. In brief, to keep enjoying the beauty of the landscape surrounding your home, home window repairs should be a routine maintenance practice in our homes. In case you need a window repair expert, Helloprojectusa is here to connect you with reputable professionals for home window repair near you.

Why is Home Window Repair/Replacing Important?

Windows plays several important roles, which include;

  • Repairing or upgrading existing windows with exquisite windows increases the home’s resale value.
  • They improve your home’s visual appeal.
  • With strong frames, they boost safety and security.
  • They keep weather elements outside.
  • Windows let in natural sunlight, which can significantly enhance your health and happiness.

Since your home is one of your most important and great investments, you need to protect and maintain it. As such, repairing or replacing your old windows should be your top priority when planning for a home remodeling project.

Home Window Repair

Home Window Repair

Replace or Repair Old Windows?

Home window repairs encompass fixing window panes, freeing stick upper sashes, or just weather strip old windows. However, if the extent of damage is beyond repair or repairing won’t bring back the window’s natural appeal. Replacing the windows should be the next best option. This is because replacing foggy, leaky, old windows grants you the opportunity to go for modern, efficient, and sophisticated designs that give your home a significant facelift.

Home Window Repair Vs. Historic Windows Replacement

Sometimes, you get too attached to your historic vibe home. However, there are always strategies to replace the old woods with modern, durable, equally unique ones with the same historic detail. As an alternative for home window repair, replacement helps to match your home’s color and design. Because of the complexity of such tasks, you need the help of professionals. Connecting with a team of professional designers and home window replacement and repair experts is the best place to start. With pros, getting a customized window that takes into account efficient features but still keeps its original touch is easy. For more information about this, give Helloprojectusa a call, and we will connect you with a team of experts that will make your dream come true.

Home Window

Home Window

Residential Home Window Repairs

Whether you want to install new windows in your living room, home office, bedroom, or any other room, we can connect with the best team for the job. We understand the frustration of dealing with broken windows at home. That’s why we are here to bridge the gap between homeowners and home window repair experts. With us, you can rest easy, knowing that your home window repair work is about to be undertaken by reputable, reliable, and professional window remodeling experts.

Contact Us for All Your Home Window Repair Needs

Through the years, we have maintained our reputation in the home remodeling and renovation industry. Our partners share our motivation in service and run by a similar set of goals. Therefore, we guarantee to match you with efficient, cost-friendly, and excellent window repair pros to facelift your home. Connect with us, and let us journey with you to make your home a haven and a valuable investment.

Best Replacement Windows | Choosing The Right Windows

Window replacement contractors will tell you that the best replacement windows offer energy efficiency and help you save on monthly utility bills. Is that claim true? Is this reason good enough to call window installers? To answer the first question. It is true that replacing your old windows with modern energy-efficient ones will save you a significant portion of your home’s electricity bills.

As a matter of fact, data from the U.S Department of Energy shows that energy loss from windows accounts for over 25% of the total monthly energy bill for most homes in America. As such, if your windows are two or three decades old, chances are you are not enjoying the 20 to 30% energy saving benefits that come with modern window technology.

To answer the second question, take into account the following; Continue Reading

How To Choose the Right Replacement Windows

Window upgrades add style and functionality to your home. However, your choice of windows may mean the difference between success and a home renovation gone awry. Partnering with professional home remodeling contractors helps you select the best new or replacement windows for your home.

Replacing your old windows with modern alternatives helps you save money while enhancing your home’s curb appeal. However, homeowners face one huge challenge: Choosing the best windows for their homes. Whether you are installing new windows or looking for quality replacement windows, it’s paramount that you do your homework, considering that there is money involved, and you want your new windows to last for more than 20 years as they should.

With this guide, you’ll understand what’s what about windows and how to choose the best windows for your home.

Should I Get New or Replacement Windows?

As simple as it may sound, people fail to distinguish between new and replacement windows. Here’s the difference: Your professional home remodeling contractor will install a new window when you need to change the frame’s size and shape. They will, therefore, have to redesign the surrounding carpentry. The advantage of using new windows is that you totally change the appearance and feel of your home.

On the other hand, replacement windows are installed without changing the surrounding trim. They are essentially new windows, but they fit the existing aperture. They cost nearly the same as new windows, but they are relatively cheaper than installing a new window because little labor is required.

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Window Styles

Your windows form an integral part of your property’s general architectural design. First, look at the design of your home and the exterior, as you can pick up several clues about the perfect windows to blend in.

For instance, double-hung replacement windows offer an excellent option for colonial-style properties. They come with two sashes that allow you to open and shut them effortlessly. They also tilt slightly inwards for easy cleaning. Besides colonial homes, they are also perfect for ranch or Craftsman homes.

Alternatively, you can choose decorative windows that feature unique glass and grids of various materials to add a tinge of sophistication to your home renovations. For example, Diamond grids are great for Tudor-style homes, maximizing natural light without compromising safety.

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Window Frames and Sash Materials

Most homeowners install wooden frames when doing window installations because they are less prone to heat than other metallic options like aluminum. Still, there is are many types of frame materials you can use when installing replacement windows. They include.

  • Vinyl frames – An advantage of using vinyl windows is that they are affordable and low-maintenance. When installed by professional home remodeling contractors, vinyl windows can be highly energy-efficient, reducing your monthly utility bills. The only drawback with vinyl is that they come in a limited range of colors.
  • Wood frames – Wood windows are popular because of their insulating properties, although they require close upkeep than vinyl and aluminum frames. A well-installed wood window with quality cuts and tree species can last for many years. Wood is highly prone to water damage, hence the wrong choice for homes in humid areas.
  • Aluminum – For people living in humid areas, aluminum is most preferred to wood. The material conducts heat faster and may cause concerns regarding energy-efficiency of a HVAC system, but it offers a sturdier option for homes in hurricane-prone coastal regions like Florida’s Panhandle area.

Looking for Perfect Replacement Windows? Call an Expert Today!

Whether you are installing new or replacement windows, you need to find the perfect options for your home. Your property’s architecture is different from the others, and it is critical to focus on several factors when shopping for windows. These include style, frame, sash material, and quality.

For more information about windows and home remodeling tips, please call us at 1.800.900.7875 or fill our online form. You can also leave a suggestion or comment about your thoughts on our work.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Window Replacement

Do you have a window or two that either won’t lock or are stuck and can’t open? Do you feel like your house can do with some extra natural lighting? Well, it might be time for a professional window replacement. The following are a few of the top benefits of replacing your windows.

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To Improve Your House Appearance and Value

Windows are available in a wide array of designs and make. While replacing your windows may seem like a daunting process; the end result is worth every effort. Old windows can turn cloudy after long exposure to sunlight, which lowers your home’s appeal and value. For a perfect window filling and installation job, please go for window remodeling contractors with years of experience. Great looking windows increase your property’s value. Replacing your windows can also be a great way to upgrade old-fashioned and outdated windows.

Modern Window Replacement to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Modern windows are awesome insulators, effective for efficient heating and cooling in the house. Therefore, replacing your old windows with energy-efficient windows means better insulation for your home. A home with an enhanced natural insulation system requires less energy to regulate the temperatures of the house. This means the HVAC does not have to use much energy for room temperature regulation. The less you rely on the HVAC, the less you are likely to pay for energy bills.

Makes Your Home Safer and Secure

If your current windows do not close or lock completely, you and your family may not be assured of safety—an intruder has better chances of getting inside your house with the help of even a tiny opening. A window replacement goes a long way in ensuring your house is safe from intrusion and finding top-class window remodeling contractors is the beginning of securing your home. The contractors will help you explore unlimited choices of high-end windows with improved and up to date designs that are more secure and durable.

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To Make Your Home More Comfortable

A window replacement is a great way of adding life and excitement to your house. Imagine the attractiveness and warmth of a naturally- lit house. Whether it is during the hot summer or the cold winter, these windows are efficient in regulating your home’s temperature. This means that the house is neither too warm nor too cold, thus comfortable throughout the season.

To Reduce the Noise from Outside

If you live in a busy city or across a busy street, closing your windows is one way of reducing the noise that gets into your house. Most people work from home to curb the spread of COVID 19, and one cannot do much in a noisy environment. Therefore, it is important to install great windows, to all your rooms including the bathrooms, to create a calm internal working environment at home. Although the windows might not be effective in completely shutting out the noise, the much they do is remarkable.  If you are planning for a window replacement project, hire the best windows remodeling contractors for a project delivery that equals your specifications.

Adding Windows to Your Bathroom

Upgrade Your Windowless Bathroom

Unlike other rooms in the house, bathrooms are in most cases the tiniest. They also offer the most private space. During the day, we often depend on windows to light up all the rooms but use artificial lighting for the bathrooms. But, did you know that you can still add windows to your bathroom and have it look like the rest of the rooms?

Adding bathroom window(s) will not only impact your bathroom’s appeal but also bringing out the element of rest and relaxation. It is the best way to cast a natural and soothing glow on attractive bathroom features such as the artwork. Adding a bathroom(s) window lets in fresh air which prevents the growth of molds and mildew, reduces condensation for increased comfort and helps minimize the growth of bacteria that can lead to infections such as strep throat.


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More Benefits of Adding Bathroom Windows

Shower in Natural Light

Imagine being in a bathroom, your thoughts lost to a beautiful captivating scenery outside and deep into the beautiful blue sky. Getting lost in nature is one of the best therapies to a crowded and exhausted mind. Additionally, a room flooded with natural light feels warmer, bigger, complements a neutral decor, and brings out the best of the other color schemes.


Adding a Bathroom Window to Project Clarity and Add Positive Effect

With enough light penetrating through the windows, the room’s exact design is made clear. For larger window structures, a sheer reflects light and additionally renders privacy whenever necessary. In combination with good bathroom color gradient, windows create an entirely new look and feel. With the help of reliable home remodeling contractors, a room can turn from dull to designer especially when the wall and tile reflect the light in the room to give as much detail as possible. It does not have to be sophisticated, just efficient.

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Installing a Bathroom Window for Natural Ventilation

A window, especially when combined with a vent fan draws, out moisture and odors from the bathroom. This improves air quality, and leaves the room surfaces infection free. Ventilation systems cool the air on a hot day and control humidity therefore inhibiting the growth of molds, mildew and unwanted bacteria. A lot of energy is also saved as the natural light gets in all day long. Top-notch hygiene is fundamental to a safe, efficient and comfortable bathroom.

Not many bathrooms have windows. In fact, when buying a house, you may fail to notice whether your soon to be bathrooms have a window or not because that may not be on your checklist anyway. After moving in, however, you will realize how inconveniencing it is to have a windowless bathroom. It is important to add bathroom window(s)—no matter the size. Do not underestimate the amount of time you spend there.


My friend told me of a tree in her backyard that was visible from her bathroom window. When the tree was cut down one day, she was shocked at how relevant that tree had become to her. The role it played in calming her mind and letting her escape reality for the many times she used the bathroom was unbelievable. Incredible, isn’t it? Light up your bathroom by contacting home renovation contractors, for guidance and assistance on bathroom windows and remodeling ideas that will give your bathroom a brand new look.

Ways to Add Modern Windows into Home Remodels

Ways to Add Modern Windows into Home Remodels

Trends in home improvement, especially on modern windows and interior décor keep on changing, just like the fashion and automobile industry. Hence, one style can become popular at one time and soon becomes outdated after a while. The windows and other apertures in the home play a critical role in the home’s overall style and energy efficiency. Don’t fall behind as other home owners continue to add modern windows creatively to improve their property’s interior and energy-efficiency.

This article discusses some ingenious ways of adding contemporary windows to your home renovation project.

Research Modern Window Materials

Modern Windows

When upgrading your windows to suit your home’s renovation prospects, you need to do your homework. Find out some of the accessible materials for upgrades and treatments. Most householders prefer vinyl windows because they are pocket-friendly and energy-efficient. Nonetheless, if you have a high-end budget, you might want to consider fiberglass windows. They have high heat insulation and sturdy construction for durable modern windows.

Sometimes installing window treatment material may surmount your home improvement goals. Different materials provide a different character. For instance, woven wood offers a sustainable option while velvet exudes a classy look.

Add Color to Modern Window Frames

A considerable number of homeowners in the US only use a limited array of colors for their window frames. These include white, clay, or dark-brown. However, you can transform your home’s exterior by painting your window frames using other unique colors. Visit your local home improvement store and find colors that blend with your property’s exterior siding, trim, or stucco. Imagine installing modern windows and finishing the frames with a beautiful color; you get your desired energy efficiency and exterior style.

Transoms and Wall Windows

A transform is a narrow window installed on top of a door or another window. They offer a stand-alone design. Another trendy style is going for window walls. In such a configuration, the glass doubles up as the window and wall. Initially considered a high-end window design, window walls have gradually become popular additions in single-family properties. The helps window contractors and homeowners to utilize the space effectively while letting in natural light. Are you planning on upgrading the kitchen or bathroom? You can consider a clerestory design, where you add modern windows above the kitchen cabinetry or bathtub.

Install Skylight to Your Modern Windows

Another practical means of maximizing natural light, skylight windows are unique roof apertures that beautify the home. The secret to achieving the perfect setup is to partner with a contractor who can perform a professional installation. What you want is to avoid heat buildup and reduce the chances of leaking.

The windows feature a small-diameter lens on the roof that directs light into a reflective tubular structure. A diffuser, mounted on the ceiling, distributing the natural light through every inch of the room. An upside to these modern windows is their ability to filter out the sun’s harmful UV rays while reducing heat gain in the property.


Install French Doors Instead of Modern Windows

French doors offer excellent design for people who wish to have an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. These doors feature clear glass that allows you to expand your living area into the patio for a unique character and panoramic views. This design is an excellent and practical idea that can work on other sections of the property, such as the garage. To breathe new life to your home by adding modem windows, work with professional home remodeling contractors!