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The bathroom is perhaps the most used room in your home. Not only do snazzy and clean bathrooms are gorgeous to look at, but also they increase the value of your home. However, trying to figure out bathroom remodels that are up to date isn’t that easy, but there are some amazing bathroom trends of 2020 that are easy to institute to bring your bathroom into the current decade. Discussed below are the best bathroom remodels in 2020.

1. Accent Walls

The contrast will quickly give a modern feel to any room in your house. In this decade, accent walls are now moving to the bathrooms. Crafting an accent wall behind the bathtub can make that area look stunning. The common choices for accent wall bathroom remodels include marble, wood, natural stone, mosaic tile, brick, and various other paint colors. Some homeowners also use mural paints or even mirrors in their bathrooms.

2. Bold Colors

Neutral colors are great because they are timeless and they match anything, but there is a place for every color in the house. Adorning your bathroom with bold colors instantly gives the room a modern feel. You may not have to paint—you can install colored tiles or sinks instead. Colored decorations add more beauty to these rooms. Remember, if you are using bold colors make sure that you use the same decoration colors or their complementary colors.

3. Stand-Alone Sinks and Bathtubs

Freestanding sinks and bathtubs create both classic and timeless look. Bathroom remodels that instill pedestal sinks will bring a touch of elegance. Stand-alone bathtubs can give your bathroom a modern or classic look depending on the style you are comfortable with.

The free-standing pieces are mostly placed adjacent to the walls, but you can remodel your bathroom to place tubs in the center of the room in order to produce a dramatic effect. More importantly, homeowners are investing in deep soaking tubs for more lavish bathroom experience.

4. Waterfall Showers

For a more luxurious and spa-like experience, add a water-fall shower head to your bathroom. This remodel will ensure a large area for water to pour on your head when showering. By so doing, you will improve your showering experience as it will help you feel warmer on the shower as a lot of your body is covered with water, especially during those chilly mornings. Also, you can employ a waterfall shower head in separate bathtub showers or stand-alone showers. When paired with a circular tub, natural stone, and white lighting, you will have an amazing natural waterfall right in your home.

5. Hidden Toilet

Toilet can be an eyesore, however, they are important part of every bathroom. For this fact, you can do a bathroom remodel to hide toilets in small separate rooms inside your bathroom. These small toilet rooms should be remodeled to match the larger bathroom design and decorated differently.

6. Travertine

Warmer earth tones bathroom remodels are making a comeback in this decade. In this line, adding travertine tiles is an extremely perfect way to convert your bathroom to cup tie the 2020-bathroom remodeling trends. Travertines are warmer than most of the granite and marble surfaces that have cropped up in bathrooms across the globe in the last decades.

Bottom Line

In 2020, more and more people are taking about the bathroom as an experience space as opposed to just a wash space. So, you must undertake the bathroom remodels that are up to date for spa-like experience in your home.

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