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Compare Prices on Your Bathroom Project

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Remodeling any room in your home is a stressful process. Hidden issues and other problems can pop up as you begin to update the space. The tips below will help you keep sight of what’s important during a bathroom update if you follow them.

Choose Proper Flooring

Not all flooring options will work well with a bathroom. Bathrooms deal with a significant amount of moisture; not all flooring can handle that. Due to baths, showers, and steam, your flooring has to stop water from seeping into the floorboards and causing other damage.

Some bathroom flooring favorites include:

  • Vinyl tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Luxury vinyl planks

Pick waterproof flooring to avoid water damage.

Invest in Bathroom Lighting

Good lighting in the bathroom is crucial. People need to see their reflections to apply makeup, fix their hair, and do other routines. If the lighting is too dim, individuals will have trouble seeing things in the mirror.

Lighting can’t be too harsh, either. Otherwise, it can make it difficult to tackle routines since you have to squint. Installing a dimmer is an excellent idea for your bathroom. Individuals can easily adjust the lighting to their preferences. You can dim the lights for an evening bath and brighten the lights when applying face cream in the morning.

Improve Bathroom Ventilation

All bathrooms need adequate ventilation. Bathrooms should have exhaust fans or properly sized windows to remain safe. Bathrooms are small spaces, and even a quiet fan can seem loud. Look at the exhaust capacity in different models to find the one right for your bathroom.

Install Recessed Niches for Added Storage

Sometimes, you can’t build out due to your home’s layout. Utilize the space you already have by building inward. Add recessed niches for towels and extra toiletries. Also, create a little nook to place your toilet paper so that it’s out of the way. Additionally, you can flatten the ceiling and add recessed lighting for additional headspace. Choose the right bathroom hardware to avoid extra bulkiness.

Bathrooms are areas of your home that add value when you take the time to update them. Have a bathroom remodel checklist so that you can tackle all the tasks. Follow these top tips for your bathroom update to ensure a smooth process. There will be bumps along the way, and this advice will help keep you on track.

Compare Prices on Your Bathroom Project

Get the best deal by comparing prices with our free quotes today!