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When renovating your kitchen, every detail counts. The improvements you make won’t just affect your overall aesthetic; they can also influence your home’s overall value. Small upgrades, like adding or changing a backsplash, can make or break your kitchen’s appearance and function.

If you’re looking for cool ways to change up your kitchen backsplash, think outside the box. Updating this feature in an interesting fashion will help tie your entire design together.

Add a Rustic Touch With Reclaimed Wood

You can’t go wrong with a rustic kitchen. These beautifully styled areas add the perfect amount of charm and cozy luxury. During your kitchen renovations, consider adding a reclaimed wood backsplash to accentuate this aesthetic.

Using barn siding as an accent isn’t just a good style choice—it’s also sustainable. If you seal your reclaimed wood backsplash and keep it dry, it will remain in top condition. In addition, mixing lumber species will create dimension and add a dynamic flair.

Install a Window To Let the Light In

Are you looking for a design feature that sets your kitchen apart from the rest? Change up your kitchen backsplash by installing windows. These features look best behind sinks and stoves, allowing light to brighten your space.

Check local codes to ensure your new windows won’t break regulations. Otherwise, window backsplashes will give you a gorgeous view of nature. Decorate your windowsill with plants to add a healthy, earthly touch.

Use a Mirror Effect To Open Your Space

Nobody enjoys cooking or eating in a small, cramped kitchen, and lighting can only do so much to open your space. If you need some assistance, mirrored backsplashes will create an illusion of a larger interior.

Use antique mirrors to add some vintage glamor. Stainless steel with a mirrored surface will add an industrial twist to both modern and rustic spaces. If you really want to make things bright and spacious, renovate your kitchen with white walls, light cabinetry, and a reflective backsplash.

Add Function With a Pegboard Backsplash

Of course, the aesthetic is just one part of home improvements. To make your interior work for your design, you should also keep function in mind. Incorporate a pegboard backsplash to create a multipurpose kitchen feature.

Pegboard backsplashes are great for homeowners who need a little extra storage. Free up your cabinets and drawers by hanging spatulas, tongs, and other utensils. Not only will a pegboard backsplash give you more room to work with, but it will also give you easy access to your cooking accessories.

Your kitchen backsplash options are nearly endless. Don’t forget this detail when planning a kitchen renovation; with the right design, you add aesthetic and functional value that will benefit your family and future buyers.