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Wooden windows are a timeless addition to any home, but they can be challenging to maintain. If they don’t get preserved, they can rot and make the home look undesirable. Here’s a guide on how to clean and maintain wooden window frames.

Remove Any Dust

Dust shouldn’t clog your window frames. It’ll make your home look old, grimy, and even abandoned. This is far from a graceful look, and some dishonest people might even trespass onto your property because they believe it’s deserted. This is definitely a sign you need to clean your windows. Remove loose dirt and dust by wiping your windows with a damp rag. Take your time and clean the window panes thoroughly to improve their appearance—and, as a result, improve the rest of your home. Clean windows can make a world of difference.

Check for Damage

This step should be completed while you’re dusting the windows. Check for cracks, peeling, or signs of mildew growth. If you leave these problems unaddressed for a long time, your windows will rot and fall apart. If your windows have been ruined by mold damage or cracks, get them repaired or replaced.

Wash Your Frames

You can get special equipment to wash wooden windows, but they’re expensive—we’re more interested in the DIY route. When washing, ring out your cloth often and replace the water once it gets too dirty. After thoroughly washing the windows, wipe them down with a clean, damp cloth to remove the residue left behind by the soap. Finally, wipe one more time with a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture.

Clean the Glass

Cleaning the glass is simple. Fill a spray bottle with a water-and-vinegar cleaning solution. As you spray the glass, wipe the areas with a microfiber washcloth. After you’ve cleaned and dried the window panes, polish them with a dry cloth to get rid of streaks.

Treat the Wood

After washing everything, treat the wood. First, inspect the wood and see if any areas need refinishing. If they do, sand them down using fine-grit sandpaper. Then, follow that up by filling in the cracks and the other spots with wood filling. Smooth those areas with a putty knife (remember to be careful when holding the knife.)

Additionally, when you apply a finish, be mindful of the type of finish you use. The wrong one can cause moisture buildup and won’t protect the wood from warping in the sun. You only need to apply one thin coat.

After reading how to clean and maintain wooden window frames, make a note to do it more often (especially if you’re considering redoing your master bedroom.) That way, your home looks more presentable, and you even increase its value a little.