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Thinking about updating a guest bathroom? Updating your guest bathroom is a great way to modernize your home (thus increasing its value). It also allows you to show off a little to your friends and family members. Admittedly, a guest bathroom is used primarily by visitors, so if you want them to leave your home with a good impression consider amping up your guest bathroom a bit.

After all, the bathroom and the kitchen are the two most heavily trafficked areas in your home. Since most guests will visit your bathroom, it pays to put some work into it. Plus, updated bathrooms are more energy-efficient and valuable in the long one. If you have been tossing a bathroom remodel around in your head now is the time to act. Before getting started, take a minute to think about your top four needs when updating a guest bathroom.

Choose Tile Wisely

When updating a guest bathroom, choose tile that is easy to lay and easy to care for. Cleaning a bathroom is not high on anyone’s list, so don’t choose tile that is going to make your life harder. Ideally choose a tile that will remain clean while not used. Speckled tiles or some that are darker in color are an excellent choice. White tile will always give up the tiniest amount of dirt.

Outside of color, you also need to think about the type of tile that will stand the test of time. If you want an easy to care for bathroom floor, choose glazed or porcelain tile. Natural stone tiles might be appealing, but they are porous and will stain over time leaving you in the exact same position you are now.

Stick to Neutrals

When decorating the master bathroom feel free to entertain any decorating theme and any color scheme you like. However, when updating the guest bathroom try to stick to neutrals. A guest bathroom regularly greets guests of all types and backgrounds. They may not enjoy a flamboyant flamingo theme or Daffy Duck theme as much as you do. After going through the effort of updating a bathroom, make sure your guests will enjoy and remark on its beauty. A great way to do this is by sticking to a neutral color theme combined with slick and modern fixtures.

Take a Look At Your Wiring

When most people think about updating a guest bathroom they immediately think about updating the plumbing. However, it is just as important to think about the electricity and wiring in the bathroom. This is even more true if you live in an older home. It’s highly likely that the wiring has been ignored so you may need to install some GFCI outlets and consider replacing the wiring.

Make Toiletries Readily Available

The bathroom can be an awkward place for a guest that can’t find the soap, toilet paper, or a towel when they are feeling insecure and trapped. Avoid this by creating small niches that are easily viewed by your guest. Notching out an eye-level shelf in the bathroom for shampoo and conditioner is a great place to start. Towel hooks incorporated into the decor are easily accessible are appreciated by guests, and keep the TP in its most common bathroom location- under the sink. Your guests will thank you.

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