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A well-done bathroom makes your interior space more appealing, as well as exponentially increasing the value of your home. Remodeling your bathroom into a spa requires expertise since everything has to be done perfectly, and even the smallest details make a considerable difference. Here’s a few insights from the experts:

How Much Does Remodeling Your Bathroom Cost? Does it Pay off?

When doing an overhaul, labor and material may cost you $20,000. But the price depends with the size of your bathroom, the materials to use, and the rates of your contractor. Depending on where you live, general contractors may charge an average of $250 per square foot.

Whether you are looking for a mid-range renovation or a spa-like bathroom with Tuscan tile. Remodeling your bathroom comes with numerous benefits. For starters, there is a greater value creation with a significant ROI in remodeling your bathroom. As a matter of fact, you will enjoy an average remodeling cost recovery of over 80 percent. You will also relish living in a luxurious and updated home. While remodeling your bathroom, you might detect and fix a structural flaw, which might be costlier if not fixed in good time.

Beautifying Your Bathroom Without Sweating the Budget

Though money will buy you the top-of-the-line equipment, there are ways to spend less and still end up with your dream bathroom. For instance, you can install a pre-fabricated shower instead of having a site-built tile shower. Likewise, you can do some plumbing, painting, and any other work that does not require expert attention.

More ways to deflate remodeling your bathroom costs include:

  • Avoid the temptations of going for statement-making fittings such as freestanding bathtubs but rather go for more practical alternatives.
  • Functionality should come first, style second, and not the vice versa. While on balancing the two, prioritize on what to improve or replace.
  • While shopping for materials, consider functionality and longevity.
  • Go for smart shortcuts such as buying the materials and hiring a professional to install them.
  • Think of affordable alternatives such as lower-cost lookalike materials.
  • Whenever possible, opt for repairing rather than replacing
  • Moving major plumbing should be the last resort.

Do it Your Self Vs. Seeking for Professional Assistance When Remodeling Your Bathroom

The catch in having a bathroom of your dream is every decision you make—big or small—from the size of the tile to the color of the paint and everything in between is high stakes. Just a slight misstep, and all your efforts of sprucing your bathroom up go in drain. While you will be gambling with ideas, which may end up costing more money and time, experts know exactly what to replace and how to do it.

Besides, what will do when faced with a series of surprises that require technical skills? Go to Wikipedia and take notes? The stakes in upgrading your bathroom are somehow higher. And there are a million decisions that have to be made. The obvious solution is to let a professional do the job. Remodeling your bathroom is a project that needs to be done quickly with seasoned experts in tile works, flooring, electrical, and plumbing.

A bathroom is no longer a simple, functional space. Nowadays, we use this space to enjoy a spa-like experience. To create a bathroom that meets your style and one that adds more value to your home, consider seeking the services of reputable professionals.