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Installing shiny epoxy flooring adds a unique and elegant appearance to your home’s flooring—thanks to its glossy look. Most homeowners apply epoxy on concrete flooring as a decorative feature. Epoxy is also popular as it is low maintenance and easy to clean. For these reasons, epoxy coating can be applied in different areas of the home. Examples include the porch, garage, basement, and warehouse.

Homeowners who have a strict maintenance schedule have come to enjoy the benefits of having an attractive and shiny epoxy floor. Read on to understand some epoxy floor restoration techniques you can apply to make the floor look as fresh as new.

shiny epoxy floor

Protect Your Shiny Epoxy Floor from Damage | Precautionary Measures is the Key

Epoxy flooring is formed by applying layers of a mixture of resins and hardeners. These materials are highly resistant to degradation and form a solid adhesive bond with base materials such as concrete. This makes epoxy coating the most robust and durable surface to have on any floor. That is not to say that they are indestructible, work is needed to restore shine to the epoxy floor.

There are always protective measures that can be taken to reduce damage and keep a shiny epoxy floor. For instance, it would be best to put soft pads on your bicycle and motorbike stands when parked on an epoxy garage floor. Any furniture with metallic and sharp legs that can potentially ruin its surface integrity should also have footpads.

Shiny Epoxy Floor Coating Routine Maintenance Cleaning

A shiny epoxy floor, like any other flooring material, requires routine maintenance to stay looking new and visually appealing. It’s, however, more advantageous because of its long-lasting and low-maintenance qualities. With diligent routine cleaning, you can avoid time-consuming annual epoxy floor restoration projects.

shiny epoxy floor

According to professional home renovation contractors, wiping liquids or stains immediately they spill on the floor is very helpful. You can use different cleaning techniques and equipment for cleaning. Using vacuums for epoxy floor cleaning is perfect for removing dust and debris.

Get Rid of Tough Stains

Apart from routine cleaning, some stains, such as engine oil and grease, can damage a perfectly shiny epoxy floor. A lot of care is required when handling oils and other stains of such kind. To remove stubborn stains effectively, find a cleaning product that contains water and ammonia. The solution is powerful enough to act on the stain fast. The secret is to treat the stain once you notice it on the floor. A quick response delivers the best results. In case you are cleaning a larger surface, soak the mop in the water/ammonia solution. You might require more effort on other stains. Even so, the solution should offer peace of mind when it comes to stubborn stains.

Do a Deep Cleaning (Annually or Semi-Annually) to Refresh the Look of the Floor

Installing an epoxy floor gives your home an elegant and glossy appearance. The surface may lose its sparkle due to high foot traffic as the years go by. As such, scheduling for thorough epoxy cleaning once or twice a year can restore your floor’s lost glory.

Clean the epoxy with warm or hot water, and Dawn Dish soap is one of the best cleaners for epoxy flooring. That’s enough to keep the shiny epoxy floor looking awesome. If there are still spots left, you should consider purchasing an epoxy cleaning solution or an all-purpose surface cleaner. Dip and wring a soft cloth in the product and rub off the stains by hand.

This epoxy floor restoration technique ensures thorough scrubbing, which lifts stains from the surface.

Epoxy floor

Hire the Professionals

You can never go wrong when you hire professionals to make the epoxy surface shine again. There are knowledgeable professionals who know what to do to maintain a shiny epoxy floor. Reputed contractors are trained and experienced in restoring epoxy paint floors. They invest in state-of-the-art equipment and have the know-how of what product to use on which stain. A crew of expert epoxy specialists provides timely, cost-effective, and quality workmanship to ensure your epoxy gets a brand new look that grabs everyone’s attention.

Epoxy is resilient, long-lasting, and durable. It’s versatile and relatively straightforward to maintain. You can make the floor shine for years through following a simple routine maintenance cleaning schedule, taking precautionary measures to prevent damages, and conducting a thorough cleaning every six months. However, if the epoxy has reached its lifespan and all the shine is permanently gone, it may be time to call professional home remodeling contractors to reapply a brand new coat of epoxy. Want to learn even more about epoxy flooring? Check out our full guide here.

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