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Simply put, your roof is the central part of the house. Many homeowners don’t tend to it unless signs of damage occur. However, the roof is an area you can modify to increase your home’s value, depending on the roof style. If your home is in a concrete jungle, has a flat roof, and needs some functionality, then think about putting it to use! Read on to discover four really cool ways to make use of a flat roof.

Put in a Swimming Pool

Suppose you no longer have room for an above-ground pool, but you still want something to soak in after a day at work. Don’t go all out and redo your backyard with a koi pond to compensate for not putting in a pool. Use the flat side of your roof for a new pool instead!

Flat roof sections can potentially increase property value and bring an element of fun to your home. Look around at the roof and find a place to put the pool. Afterward, you can enjoy the luxury of having a roof side pool to yourself. You may want to speak with a structural integrity expert to ensure the weight of the water won’t affect the roof.

Create a Rooftop Garden

You can also ditch the pool and go for a rooftop garden! A greenhouse will work perfectly to grow fruits and vegetables year-round, and you can use the growing greenery to elevate your home’s exterior.

The roof is about the size of a typical garden, giving you leeway to plant anything you want to, whether that’s flowers or edible plants. Try to avoid setting up a rooftop garden yourself; cleaning up can get messy (and, let’s not forget, costly) if something goes wrong. Bring in a professional to help with installation so that you can focus on picking out the plants you want to grow.

Put in a Solar Panel System

The flat roof doesn’t have to be a space where you spend your time. Instead, use it for something unique and different that saves you money in the future. If you want to save money on energy consumption in your home and have a flat roof, consider installing a solar panel system there. You can install solar panels on many different roof types, but on flat roofs, you may need to tilt them to receive the most significant energy savings effect.

Increase Your Square Footage With a New Room

If you want to expand your square footage, adding a room onto the flat roof would be ideal. Along with being one of the coolest ideas for making use of a flat roof, adding an extra space gives you options. You could turn it into a personal office, guest room, or workout room.

As you prepare for your new home renovation, ensure you know what to expect in a new roof installation. Everything from budgeting to figuring out what to do with extra space on your home’s exterior takes time. Leave all the heavy work to the professionals, and you can start enjoying your new area upon completion.