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If upgrading your home is stopping you from increasing your home value, then you should do it. A home upgrade is essential to increase its value and make you happier to be under its roof. Improve your property by investing in the idea of complementing the garage door to your entryway. Read this brief guide if you are open to learning how to match the garage door to your entryway.

Keep the Materials Consistent

Using materials you’ve never used before could drastically alter your curb appeal. When mixing siding materials, pay attention to what’s currently on your home, but don’t be too ambitious when trying to create a distinct home.

You want the materials to be consistent and not all over the place like an abstract painting. Keep the color and texture in mind when deciding how to give better visual interest to your home. Stick to what pairs well with your siding; vinyl pairs well with steel and brick, as shiplap goes best with bamboo and wood.

Ensure Nothing Throws Off the Home’s Style

An essential thing to think over is what other things you plan on changing in the yard. With plenty of home upgrades to make, there might be one or two, or several projects that just don’t work on your home. Make sure you consider this when upgrading your garage door.

One thing that could toss out balance is mismatched color schemes. When painting the garage, a color like black would pair well with a red door, allowing it to pop and build a unique color scheme. Choosing a good color scheme enhances curb appeal.

Don’t Forget To Match the Hardware

You may not care for this task, but if you plan to sell in the future, you should put more care into matching hardware. Hardware matching helps preserve the home’s original architecture. Although many older styles had different hardware to match their home, keeping the theme going is essential. If a gothic home has black hardware, ensure it’s the exact style, or at least very similar to the original.

Think About Putting in Better Windows

If you’re curious enough to add extra details, consider windows. If applicable, pick a new garage door based on the window style. Window style could be based entirely on what panes are on the front of your home. It’s essential to stay consistent with window type, as doing so will help you achieve the exterior of your dreams.

When designing your home, don’t spend too much time outside the lines when redoing the exterior. Learning how to match the front door to the garage door is the first step to enhancing your curb appeal and creating a yard you want to be in year-round.