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When it comes to elegant guest bathroom designs, the list is endless. Remember that the quality of your bathroom has a great effect on your home’s resale value. Despite being the smallest rooms in your home, guest bathrooms require more remodels when compared with the large rooms. From vanities and lighting, paint color, and fittings, the list will multiply before your guest can scream “bubble bath”.

You can choose to keep it classic with black and white color, or even go bold with a wallpaper statement. No matter the direction you take, the below bathroom remodels will appeal to people of all tastes. Whether you are prettying up a guest bathroom or your master bed-room bathroom, the best way to go is to get inspired first.

Here are the best guest bathroom remodels that will increase the value of your home.

1. Customize your Guest Bathroom

It is always important to look past your bathroom space and figure out the entire look of your home. What layout best matches the design? Does your desired guest bathroom layout blend with your home? Remember not to force the blend. For instance, not every door handle has to be gold or bronze. Don’t go for the dark colors that can distract the theme of your house. Instead, you can make it an extension of the house that flows well without taking the splendor of the house. There’s a common saying, “add not change”. Also, consider the matter of functional zoning. This is a good start to plan your guest bathroom layout form the idea of what’s functional. Instead of renovating from the design perspective, do it from the user perspective.

2. Design and Build

Owing to the proximity of the bathroom to the bedroom, noise is commonly an issue for many homeowners. If you have not attached windows to your guest bathroom, consider installing an exhaust fan to help in removing moisture. Similarly, if you want to reduce the noise from a refilling toilet tank, then install a modern inlet valve. Just like the master en suite, bathrooms, guest bathrooms also require more creative and intimate touch. This way, you will ensure your guest’s comfortability and privacy. Dating back to the 1970s, guest bathrooms have become important spaces in modern homes. You can add elegant or simple upgrades to these rooms to convert them into a distinct selling feature.

3. Led Lighting Design

Even though a stylish faucet finish would absolutely make your guest bathroom look elegant, you will definitely not get it wrong once you install luxurious and sufficient bathroom lighting. More importantly, well-designed vanity lighting can eliminate the shadows on faces. Combining led-recessed lights with wall scones or side mirrors is also a top-notch idea because when it’s too bright, you can mount and use dimmer switches.

For bathrooms, installing overhead lighting is also a great idea. For ambient options, consider the use of frosted glass fixtures, sunken track lighting, or rice paper. In the same manner, perimeter lighting is capable of bringing soft and ambient glow, and useful lights. Also, it is advisable to always use pendant lighting. This will cause the scattering of light giving the illusion of a beautiful centerpiece ceiling.

In a Nutshell

Giving your guests the best experience when they come visiting is an important idea for improving friendship and connections. A happy guest reflects a happy host. Let your guest smile as they leave your house by giving them a king guest bathroom reception. More importantly, the undertaking helps in increasing your property resale value.

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